Staying Up With Insomniac Muzik!

Insomniac Muzic Group is a new collective of artists. They are from Ottawa, Ontario. Shout out to Canada bringing out better artists than Drakes water head ass. I said what I said! The artist we will be highlighting is a part of the IMG collective. He is known as Hanley or Hanley Devoid. He is returning to making music after a 12 year hiatus. Set to release Hostile Takeover in September 2024. But he let me listen to some of the singles that have been released before the album drops. First up, we got Bygones. The hook is catchy. I also like the beat. For just returning to the game, I see potential. I will drop the link below. Check it out. Give a like and subscribe. The next single that has been released is Winners Circle. Which features O.G. Frat Bona and he’s an emcee from Atlanta Georgia. This track is a whole vibe! Here’s a link! Leave a comment to let them know you rock with this one. The official video is set to drop later this summer. Be on the look out for that. I will be! The last single on this album is titled Love Games. Produced by local emcee and producer Big Homie Wes and is set to be released in early July. I am enjoying what I have heard so far. I look forward to this next single and the album too. Hanley is proud of this release and I can see why. He’s got producers from all over the place. Ranging from the Green Mountain state to Canada, Europe, America and Trinida&Tabago. I need to hear the Trinidad&Tabago beat!!! With featuring artists like Street Religions(All them ninjas), Joint Manipulation(boffum), Farragamo Face(the one who was just mad at me for the beef thing) and Atlanta emcee O.G. Frat Bona. But there’s more features!! There’s a feature from a Canadian Hip-Hop legend named Choclair. A Montreal veteran artist named Rico Blox. It’s got Envoy. There’s Demon EZFX. And SydeFX of Insomniac Muzik Group. And there’s even more artist features that weren’t mentioned. This sounds like an album I need to support. I’m not saying that y’all should support it, but y’all should support it. I honestly just learned that Hanley makes music. The name may sound familiar to some. He’s the same guy with the On The Line With podcast. I will drop a link to one of the most recent interviews. It only makes sense that someone who studies the hip-hop culture creates content of their own to contribute. That’s how most of us got our start. I thank you for that contribution. If you would like to connect with Hanley, he can be found on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. For Instagram use: @im.hanley (artist page) @onthelinewith (podcast) For TikTok use: @im.hanley For YouTube use: @insomniacmuzik @onthelinewith (podcast) For Facebook use: @insomniacmuzik @onthelinewith (podcast) Now that I have left you with ways to connect with this artist, I will bring this to a close. Send any music you would like to have included in a blog post. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. I wish you all peace, love and Hip-Hop.