I Bet Y’all Forgot I Have A Blog, Huh?!

I missed you guys a little bit. But see what had happened was, my website got a virus and had to get rebuilt. Yep! I wish that was a joke. So if you are here and seeing some shit missing, it will be back. Be patient n shit. I appreciate it. How was your Thanksgiving?! Mine was actually peaceful and not spent at home. I am grateful for that. So let’s watch some videos! The first one is from Robscure featuring Sol ChYld with Loch Ness. It’s short but fucking sweet! Check it out for yourself. Like and subscribe!

I liked it! Drop a comment and let me know how you felt about it. Now, let’s check out this next one. We got Prossess & DJ Dyllemma with CHEF PROSSESS. I guess we have started a thing of roasting wack MCs with this blog post. I am here for it! Check it out! Like and subscribe.

Let me know how you liked the last one as we move on to the next one. Because I like the title, we got A2VT featuring Jonny Pillow with Money Money Money. This shit slaps and I can’t wait to get paid this week! Check it out! Like and subscribe to keep up with the content.

Let me know if you rock with that last track! Now for the last one. Empuls and Rico James with Skull Of A Skeleton. Because sometimes you need that deeper message. Check it out and give it a like.

Make sure to show some support by liking and even subscribing. It takes a lot for some people to put their art out there. Keep self-care and mental health on the top of your to do list during this holiday season. I may or may not have been caught today having a heated discussion while on the phone with my therapist at the Laundromat. I no longer have shame in that. It beats so many other options. Keep creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. Peace. Love. And Hip-Hop! I’m out…