Mistakes Were Made! Let’s Try To Fix That…

I am an artist and blogger who is not going to get it right every time. Therefore I will always invite people to correct me, respectfully. Some did. With that being said, the first artist to put out a diss track in this battle was Farragamo Face. I will drop the links I found on his YouTube channel that fit the time frame of when this battle began. First up is The Warm Up (CSG Flash Diss) and then Try Again CSG (Flashy diss). Here’s the links:

The Warm Up (CSG Flashy Diss)
Try Again(CSG Flashy Diss)

Then there’s Ace Down (YungStar Ace Diss). Here’s a link for that one:

And last is The Closer (CSG Flashy Diss). Here is the link for that:

Another artist got to put his bars to the test. It dropped hours before my last blog post. But since I knew this post was coming, I will drop it here. It comes from Chaos. It seems a lot of folks has shots for mainly Ace. I could be wrong though. This one is called Ace In The Hole. Here’s a link for that:

I am attempting to fix my mistake. I am willing to do that. But if I made you not want to follow my blog, I accept that. Send links for me to blog if you still support. For the record, MY favorite diss track is still the one by Real Ricky. Titled Rick VS Everybody(THE 802 Diss Track). Here’s a link to that one:

A quick announcement before I close out this post. I think most of us can agree That VTHIPHOP News is as bias as they come. So here’s whats gonna happen. Get all your local hip-hop info from either my blog or from Fire Tomatoes. They have been doing a play by play of the ongoing rap battle and they also do live music reviews on Facebook. From this point on, I have open communication with them. So basically, Omega Jade’s Cool Ass Blog or Fire Tomatoes for all things hip-hop. Don’t believe me, ask them.

I am now finished with this post. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. Or don’t and watch everyone else create while you complain about it. Either way, I wish you all peace love and hip-hop.