New Year, Same Me! Maybe A Little More Matured…

How was your holidays, folks? I am personally glad it is over. Making the kids happy for the holidays is expensive. With that said, I hope your rent was paid on the first day of the New Year. We got some videos though. Let’s get to that! First up is Sko G with Sins. Video shot and edited by Vego Harris.

I liked that! It was catchy. Check it out for yourself. Give it a like and subscribe. Alright, what’s next! We got Mavstar featuring Subtex with Elixir Of Life. Ok! This shit is hot! Whoever said they were rhyming off beat should include fecal matter in their diet. They talk shit enough… But don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself. Like and subscribe!

I guess my blog can be used to promote myself. So I am going to use this time to plug my own music. Why? I can… I wrote and performed the lyrics, of course. But I also tried something new. I made the beat too. I am now addicted to it. More will come. Until then, take time to listen to Guided Purpose. You ever get told off by a tarot card? That’s what this is about. Enjoy!

Winding down to the end of this post. Here’s some quick announcements! Black Artist Showcase & Market will be on January 19th at Art So Wonderful. Which is located next to Target in the University Mall. Here’s a flyer!

Last but not least, Practice Makes Perfect (Open Mic) will be February 3rd from 6-8 at the Richard Kemp Center. Let me grab y’all a flyer. If you are interested in being a part of it, use the QR code to sign up for it. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Well, that will be all for this post. Of course, I want to leave you off with a little positivity. Make the best of this year. Continue creating so you have no time for hating. If you release some new stuff send it to me. My blog isn’t a popularity contest. I wish you all peace, love and hip-hop. I’m out…