So, It’s Dissin Season Again. And I Am Amused.

It’s the season of diss tracks. I am assuming the recent Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef is what inspired it. I will give you what I have learned. You’re welcome to send links to add to the chaos. It started with a song by YungStar Ace. Titled Stray Shots and seems to be dissing Marvelous Kevo, Chyse/Charlie Mayne Atkins, Jameel Lang and the artist known as Suspect Brim. Here’s the link for that.

Marvelous Kevo then responded with a diss track towards Que Beats and Ace. The track is titled Line Of Fire. I learned something interesting right off. Que Beats made no beats. I would share a link but you will have to find it on Facebook where it was shared as a post. Here’s a screenshot so you know wtf to look for though. I think the best part of it was the fact it was done on the Not Like Us beat.

Right before the diss by Marvelous, Ace put out a diss track on Jameel Lang. Listen to this track while I find more bars of war.

I guess YungStar Ace went on a dissing spree. Because he did 2 tracks on some guy named Face. Here’s a link for Face Down. The next is Faceless. One seems to be the remix of the other. Local comedian and community Uncle, King Mecca, had to calm this one down. Listen to the next 2 tracks to find out why.

Then we got some heat from somebody named Real Ricky. He basically dissed everybody with few exceptions on Tupacs Hit Em Up beat. I laughed. I cried. I repeated the track. Below is the link for it.

In my honest opinion, I feel Real Ricky won. That’s why I saved the best diss track (that I heard) for last. As I said earlier, I only shared the links that I know of. Readers are welcome to send any links that I missed. Just make sure to add VT rap beef in the subject line. Well I guess its time to wrap this up.

Shout out to everyone who participated. I hope to hear more. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. After looking at all the hater posts from the irrelevant about the rap beef, I am willing to repeat that. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. If it don’t apply, let it fly. I wish you all peace, love and hip-hop.

P.S. I hope to hear a diss track by MYSUNDRSTOOD targeting the one who dissed her. But I understand why she hasn’t. Respect!