WTF! I Need A Hip-Hop Fix!

Hey! How you doing? I’m so glad the week has come to an end. About to light this spliff and go through the new releases in the local hip-hop scene. Or whatever people sent to me. So here we go! First up is Mickey Bourbon with Dafuq I Need A Hook For? Produced by Bigg Classic Beats. It’s fucking FIRE! But you should listen to it for yourself. Give a like and subscribe. He always has content. Next up is Sirhcobangz with Feel Them Hits. It features Cassidy Xavier. Its got a good vibe. Check it out for yourself though. Give a like and subscribe. It’s free and easy to support your local artist. Now let’s move on. We got a few more to share. The next one is with SINNN, Raw Deff and Yung Breeze. It’s called Old Soul. This is nice! But you be the judge. Give a like and subscribe. What’s next?! ………I’m back now. Had to get snacks and find what’s next. And this is a good one! General Steele & Es K Ya Tu Sabe with Da Cypher. Bringing some muthafuckin MCS. Including Vermonts own Jarv. This shit is FIRE!!! Please check it out for yourself. Give a like and subscribe. Last one for this post is coming from Mavstar featuring Wombaticus Rex. It’s called Fly. It’s got a good message. Check it out for yourself. Here’s the link. That’s all for this post. Enjoy and send more music. And as I always say, keep creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. I wish you all peace, love and hip-hop. I’m out…

Hip-Hop Helps Me Mentally. Therefore I Have To Stop Caring What Y’all Think Of Me.

Todays blog will be a little different. I appreciate a lot about the hip-hop community. But I am not competitive and don’t want to act like I am. I started making my music not knowing where it would take me. It wasn’t just a hobby though. It was another form of therapy. I will take the time to explain why. If you’re against deep thought, please dismiss yourselves. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. While in the midst of my second to last nervous breakdown. After taking the time to look at the risk factors that can make this diagnosis possible, I screamed to myself “What took them so damn long?” Let’s define BPD. Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health condition that impacts the way you see yourself and others. It can be difficult to function in everyday life. It causes intense mood swings and issues with self image. It impacts interpersonal relationships. Mainly due to feeling unheard and rejected. And it all stems from abandonment and abuse. But getting the correct diagnosis was only the first step to my road to healing. I had to relearn everything just to be able to handle my life and thoughts. All while already being a mother. That is the hardest part. If I wanted my kids to be able to regulate themselves, I had to learn to do that too. Imagine that?! Also imagine having self image issues while aging and what you see in the mirror constantly changing. I will always make fun of my deviated eye before you get the chance to. That is just one example of how I handle rejection that I think I will receive. See we don’t only have issues from what we experienced in the past. We are also protecting ourselves from the possibility of rejection happening in the present and future. One thing I also noticed was my propensity to shut down and stop communicating with people because of what I perceived as rejection. How I dealt with that was writing. Writing poetry, song lyrics, articles and now blogs. I write because that is my way to get things out. But because of my love for hip-hop I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and be a part of this community. I am grateful for those that helped me with that. Because of hip-hop I have been able to process things that I actively avoided until my 30s. It helped me not feel as alone as I used to be feel. It gave other people going through similar situations a message to not give up. And that alone is the reason I do this and seek to create a community of artists who create as a form of healing. But nothing worthwhile can be accomplished alone. And I realize it will take time. So although I have been a bit quiet lately; I am not fucking done yet. I’m just in hermit mode. However I will end this how I normally do. MUSIC!!!!!! This first one is by me. It’s titled I Am The Omega. I will tell you exactly why I wrote it. I used to be a teaching artist for the Clemmons Family Farm. Because they didn’t want me connected to my own stage name (which is actually my real name) they demanded I create a new persona that would be easier to digest. As a way of doing that respectability politics crap. My thing is no black owned business should ever ask a black person to strip themselves of their own name to continue receiving white dollars. It shows people have not learned from history. Because a lot of slaves lost their name coming to this country. I won’t do it for you. I already got an identity crisis due to mental illness. So with that in mind, I bring you I Am The Omega. This next one is coming from Robscure. It’s titled Rinse n Repeat. I am digging the vibe. I kinda need it right now. Thank you for your contribution. Here’s the link: I’m feeling this. Thank you. Check it out for yourselves. Give a like and subscribe. I was going to try to find another video. But after looking this over, I think you have enough content to read and listen to. To my supporters, keep creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. To my haters; I don’t care what you do. I wish you all peace love and hip-hop. I’m out!

Staying Up With Insomniac Muzik!

Insomniac Muzic Group is a new collective of artists. They are from Ottawa, Ontario. Shout out to Canada bringing out better artists than Drakes water head ass. I said what I said! The artist we will be highlighting is a part of the IMG collective. He is known as Hanley or Hanley Devoid. He is returning to making music after a 12 year hiatus. Set to release Hostile Takeover in September 2024. But he let me listen to some of the singles that have been released before the album drops. First up, we got Bygones. The hook is catchy. I also like the beat. For just returning to the game, I see potential. I will drop the link below. Check it out. Give a like and subscribe. The next single that has been released is Winners Circle. Which features O.G. Frat Bona and he’s an emcee from Atlanta Georgia. This track is a whole vibe! Here’s a link! Leave a comment to let them know you rock with this one. The official video is set to drop later this summer. Be on the look out for that. I will be! The last single on this album is titled Love Games. Produced by local emcee and producer Big Homie Wes and is set to be released in early July. I am enjoying what I have heard so far. I look forward to this next single and the album too. Hanley is proud of this release and I can see why. He’s got producers from all over the place. Ranging from the Green Mountain state to Canada, Europe, America and Trinida&Tabago. I need to hear the Trinidad&Tabago beat!!! With featuring artists like Street Religions(All them ninjas), Joint Manipulation(boffum), Farragamo Face(the one who was just mad at me for the beef thing) and Atlanta emcee O.G. Frat Bona. But there’s more features!! There’s a feature from a Canadian Hip-Hop legend named Choclair. A Montreal veteran artist named Rico Blox. It’s got Envoy. There’s Demon EZFX. And SydeFX of Insomniac Muzik Group. And there’s even more artist features that weren’t mentioned. This sounds like an album I need to support. I’m not saying that y’all should support it, but y’all should support it. I honestly just learned that Hanley makes music. The name may sound familiar to some. He’s the same guy with the On The Line With podcast. I will drop a link to one of the most recent interviews. It only makes sense that someone who studies the hip-hop culture creates content of their own to contribute. That’s how most of us got our start. I thank you for that contribution. If you would like to connect with Hanley, he can be found on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. For Instagram use: @im.hanley (artist page) @onthelinewith (podcast) For TikTok use: @im.hanley For YouTube use: @insomniacmuzik @onthelinewith (podcast) For Facebook use: @insomniacmuzik @onthelinewith (podcast) Now that I have left you with ways to connect with this artist, I will bring this to a close. Send any music you would like to have included in a blog post. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. I wish you all peace, love and Hip-Hop.

So, It’s Dissin Season Again. And I Am Amused.

It’s the season of diss tracks. I am assuming the recent Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef is what inspired it. I will give you what I have learned. You’re welcome to send links to add to the chaos. It started with a song by YungStar Ace. Titled Stray Shots and seems to be dissing Marvelous Kevo, Chyse/Charlie Mayne Atkins, Jameel Lang and the artist known as Suspect Brim. Here’s the link for that. Marvelous Kevo then responded with a diss track towards Que Beats and Ace. The track is titled Line Of Fire. I learned something interesting right off. Que Beats made no beats. I would share a link but you will have to find it on Facebook where it was shared as a post. Here’s a screenshot so you know wtf to look for though. I think the best part of it was the fact it was done on the Not Like Us beat. Right before the diss by Marvelous, Ace put out a diss track on Jameel Lang. Listen to this track while I find more bars of war. I guess YungStar Ace went on a dissing spree. Because he did 2 tracks on some guy named Face. Here’s a link for Face Down. The next is Faceless. One seems to be the remix of the other. Local comedian and community Uncle, King Mecca, had to calm this one down. Listen to the next 2 tracks to find out why. Then we got some heat from somebody named Real Ricky. He basically dissed everybody with few exceptions on Tupacs Hit Em Up beat. I laughed. I cried. I repeated the track. Below is the link for it. In my honest opinion, I feel Real Ricky won. That’s why I saved the best diss track (that I heard) for last. As I said earlier, I only shared the links that I know of. Readers are welcome to send any links that I missed. Just make sure to add VT rap beef in the subject line. Well I guess its time to wrap this up. Shout out to everyone who participated. I hope to hear more. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. After looking at all the hater posts from the irrelevant about the rap beef, I am willing to repeat that. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. If it don’t apply, let it fly. I wish you all peace, love and hip-hop. P.S. I hope to hear a diss track by MYSUNDRSTOOD targeting the one who dissed her. But I understand why she hasn’t. Respect!

What’s Up Vermont Hip-Hop Heads?!

Happy Friday y’all! I hope everyone is having a beautiful start to a great weekend. I am actually in a great mood. Which is weird because I quick smoking weed. Yes! You read that correctly. Just another thing to add onto this growth and healing journey of mine. But let’s get down to this music shit! Since this is my blog, I am going to share mine first. Did a track with Mavstar called Grow The F Up. The beat was done by Rico James, of course. It’s dedicated to those who are stuck in life due to a lack of maturity. I get real and raw. Does anyone expect anything different though? Shout out to myself for getting better at my craft. Here’s the link: Hope you enjoyed. If not, that’s fine too. I create for me and my sanity. I believe I have said that before. But the truth doesn’t mind being repeated. Moving on! We got Robscure. This one is a gem! Check out Flow State. I am digging the message. Listen for yourself. Give a like, subscribe and even share it. You might inspire someone with it. That last one was so nice I listened to it twice. Thank you Robscure for your authenticity. We need more of that. Ok! What’s next? Spacey Jones dropped Warrior which features Ms. Laura Michelle and is produced by Low Key Beats. This is a nice little bop though. I hope to hear more from the Ms. Laura Michelle. We need more women representing the VT hip-hop culture that I will blog about. Here’s the link! Check it out. Give a like and subscribe to hear more content. Last but so not the least Prossess and DJ Dyllemma in Set Backs N Get Backs. Whew this one right here! If you don’t check this one out; well I already did it for you. Good message with a hard ass delivery. Like and subscribe to keep up with the content. No he’s not a Vermont artist. Good music is good music. So I’m gonna share it. Announcement! Practice Makes Perfect(Open Mic Night) is set to happen on February 3rd. Located at the Richard Kemp Center. It’s open to poets, comedians and musicians. For the artist who cannot find a sitter in time, bring your kid. One thing I realized when getting my kids back, it became hard to get stage time. Not many venues cater to the artist/parent. With that in mind, I am creating an open mic that keeps the family in mind. Sign up at 5:30. Starts at 6! Here’s the flyer and link to sign up: Practice Makes Perfect(Open Mic Night) That’s all for today’s post. But I will be back. Send me your music and I will blog it. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. It has saved mine and many others lives. Until next time, I wish you all peace, love and Hip-Hop! I’m out…

New Year, Same Me! Maybe A Little More Matured…

How was your holidays, folks? I am personally glad it is over. Making the kids happy for the holidays is expensive. With that said, I hope your rent was paid on the first day of the New Year. We got some videos though. Let’s get to that! First up is Sko G with Sins. Video shot and edited by Vego Harris. I liked that! It was catchy. Check it out for yourself. Give it a like and subscribe. Alright, what’s next! We got Mavstar featuring Subtex with Elixir Of Life. Ok! This shit is hot! Whoever said they were rhyming off beat should include fecal matter in their diet. They talk shit enough… But don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself. Like and subscribe! I guess my blog can be used to promote myself. So I am going to use this time to plug my own music. Why? I can… I wrote and performed the lyrics, of course. But I also tried something new. I made the beat too. I am now addicted to it. More will come. Until then, take time to listen to Guided Purpose. You ever get told off by a tarot card? That’s what this is about. Enjoy! Winding down to the end of this post. Here’s some quick announcements! Black Artist Showcase & Market will be on January 19th at Art So Wonderful. Which is located next to Target in the University Mall. Here’s a flyer! Last but not least, Practice Makes Perfect (Open Mic) will be February 3rd from 6-8 at the Richard Kemp Center. Let me grab y’all a flyer. If you are interested in being a part of it, use the QR code to sign up for it. Looking forward to seeing you there. Well, that will be all for this post. Of course, I want to leave you off with a little positivity. Make the best of this year. Continue creating so you have no time for hating. If you release some new stuff send it to me. My blog isn’t a popularity contest. I wish you all peace, love and hip-hop. I’m out…

I Heard Someone Was Talking Shit About The Funky Diabetic!

Not to be mistaken for Phife Dawg AKA Five Foot Assassin. Have we forgotten that hip-hop is an incredible genre that allows you and encourages you to pay homage to the pioneers of this culture. What the fuck did you think Mr. Farmer was doing, ass mouth? Let me stop! And show some videos instead. First up is The Funky Diabetic featuring Shorty Bang and Yung Breeze. It’s called Biggie’s Smoke. Check it out. Give a like and subscribe. And if you don’t actually know shit about hip-hop culture, please shut up and read about it. K thanks! In other news, FUCK THE SNOW! Sure, it looks pretty when it first comes down. But then the whole state wants to call it a snow day in order to turn their regularly scheduled weekend into a 3 day weekend. Single parent of wild ass kids, are y’all ok? Let’s find some music for your trouble… We got Slim Tofer with Bout Me. Lots of knowledge of self within this track. Got to respect that. Give it a listen, give it a like and maybe even subscribe. See it’s free to support the local artist! Ah shit son! Next up is Jibba The Gent featuring ForeverFresh in Rain On The Grip. I like the vibe. Y’all should check it out. Give it a like and subscribe. But not because I told you to. I am about to go a little off topic. I have things on my mind. I was always raised to believe it takes a village. Unfortunately the village only seems to be there when you have something to offer or can be easily manipulated. If you’re a free thinker who refuses to kiss the asses of the masses, there is not much of a village for you. If you are not willing to be a sell out, there is not really a community for you. Even within the artist community and some artist organizations. And during this holiday season, that kinda sucks. To my loners, misfits and free thinkers; have a beautiful and worthwhile holiday. I hope you are given the gift of being embraced by your village. But if that doesn’t happen for you, create your own village. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. I wish you all peace, love, and hip-hop.