Upcoming Events!

I know I am going from being quiet as fuck to talking too much but, I wanted to let you know about an upcoming event. I organize and host the Black Artist Market. Rajnii Eddins hosts the Black Artist Showcase. Well, we are going to combine them to make one big holiday bash of creativity. It will be held at Art So Wonderful, located in the University Mall next to Target. Here’s a flyer! It has the info and I think it’s pretty. Shout out to Kia’Rae Hanron for that!

As far as future events go, we need more open mic nights. So I am creating one. It is due to start in February. It will be located at the Richard Kemp Center. It will be open to musicians, comedians, poets and beat makers. I wanted to allow the holidays to pass and settle down. And give the local creatives something to look forward to next year. It’s also a way to get my students to practice what they have been working on in class. No pressure though… Be on the look out for Practice Makes Perfect Open Mic Night. Here’s a flyer for that below! Use the QR code on the flyer to sign up!

I will try to end this post how I always do. With a music video! We got Freddie Losambe. He just released an album with Equal Eyes Records called The Leaves Still Dance. But we’ll just share a piece of it here. Check out The Narrows. Give it a like and subscribe.

I hope you all have a good weekend. I will definitely try to. It’s been a tough week. So I’m going to go out to dinner with the kids tonight. What are your plans tonight? Whatever it is, make it safe. And like I always say; keep creating shit so you have no time for hating shit! Peace. Love. And Hip-Hop! I’m out…