What’s Up Vermont Hip-Hop Heads?!

Happy Friday y’all! I hope everyone is having a beautiful start to a great weekend. I am actually in a great mood. Which is weird because I quick smoking weed. Yes! You read that correctly. Just another thing to add onto this growth and healing journey of mine. But let’s get down to this music shit! Since this is my blog, I am going to share mine first. Did a track with Mavstar called Grow The F Up. The beat was done by Rico James, of course. It’s dedicated to those who are stuck in life due to a lack of maturity. I get real and raw. Does anyone expect anything different though? Shout out to myself for getting better at my craft. Here’s the link:

Hope you enjoyed. If not, that’s fine too. I create for me and my sanity. I believe I have said that before. But the truth doesn’t mind being repeated. Moving on! We got Robscure. This one is a gem! Check out Flow State. I am digging the message. Listen for yourself. Give a like, subscribe and even share it. You might inspire someone with it.

That last one was so nice I listened to it twice. Thank you Robscure for your authenticity. We need more of that. Ok! What’s next? Spacey Jones dropped Warrior which features Ms. Laura Michelle and is produced by Low Key Beats. This is a nice little bop though. I hope to hear more from the Ms. Laura Michelle. We need more women representing the VT hip-hop culture that I will blog about. Here’s the link! Check it out. Give a like and subscribe to hear more content.

Last but so not the least Prossess and DJ Dyllemma in Set Backs N Get Backs. Whew this one right here! If you don’t check this one out; well I already did it for you. Good message with a hard ass delivery. Like and subscribe to keep up with the content. No he’s not a Vermont artist. Good music is good music. So I’m gonna share it.

Announcement! Practice Makes Perfect(Open Mic Night) is set to happen on February 3rd. Located at the Richard Kemp Center. It’s open to poets, comedians and musicians. For the artist who cannot find a sitter in time, bring your kid. One thing I realized when getting my kids back, it became hard to get stage time. Not many venues cater to the artist/parent. With that in mind, I am creating an open mic that keeps the family in mind. Sign up at 5:30. Starts at 6! Here’s the flyer and link to sign up:

Practice Makes Perfect(Open Mic Night)

That’s all for today’s post. But I will be back. Send me your music and I will blog it. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. It has saved mine and many others lives. Until next time, I wish you all peace, love and Hip-Hop! I’m out…