Here I Go Again!

Here I go again.  Being the jack of all trades.  All I am trying to do is build an empire from the comfort of my own home, during a pandemic.  No biggie, right? Lol.  Try adding some very energetic kids to the mix. Homeschooling, basketball camp, counseling, an attempt to fit in house work and music; you get the balancing act of epic proportions. I totally turned into the stay at home, sports mom I used to talk mad shit about.  But I try to make it work. And with being stuck at home you have a need to find so many different things to do.  Do you know how extra I tend to be? I had to make a whole website that could include a blog. So what do I want to do with this blog?  Well, there is a lot of talent in the Vermont area.  Some that doesn’t get recognized for countless reasons.  But I am not here to speculate on those reasons.  I want to talk about the music.  What new music are you working on? Local rappers, MCs, beat makers? Poets, spoken word and linguistic wordsmiths? What are you working on? How can I highlight your talent? Don’t worry. I got my little studio.  I am always making time to make my own music.