I Heard Someone Was Talking Shit About The Funky Diabetic!

Not to be mistaken for Phife Dawg AKA Five Foot Assassin. Have we forgotten that hip-hop is an incredible genre that allows you and encourages you to pay homage to the pioneers of this culture. What the fuck did you think Mr. Farmer was doing, ass mouth? Let me stop! And show some videos instead. First up is The Funky Diabetic featuring Shorty Bang and Yung Breeze. It’s called Biggie’s Smoke. Check it out. Give a like and subscribe. And if you don’t actually know shit about hip-hop culture, please shut up and read about it. K thanks!

In other news, FUCK THE SNOW! Sure, it looks pretty when it first comes down. But then the whole state wants to call it a snow day in order to turn their regularly scheduled weekend into a 3 day weekend. Single parent of wild ass kids, are y’all ok? Let’s find some music for your trouble…

We got Slim Tofer with Bout Me. Lots of knowledge of self within this track. Got to respect that. Give it a listen, give it a like and maybe even subscribe. See it’s free to support the local artist! Ah shit son!

Next up is Jibba The Gent featuring ForeverFresh in Rain On The Grip. I like the vibe. Y’all should check it out. Give it a like and subscribe. But not because I told you to.

I am about to go a little off topic. I have things on my mind. I was always raised to believe it takes a village. Unfortunately the village only seems to be there when you have something to offer or can be easily manipulated. If you’re a free thinker who refuses to kiss the asses of the masses, there is not much of a village for you. If you are not willing to be a sell out, there is not really a community for you. Even within the artist community and some artist organizations. And during this holiday season, that kinda sucks. To my loners, misfits and free thinkers; have a beautiful and worthwhile holiday. I hope you are given the gift of being embraced by your village. But if that doesn’t happen for you, create your own village. Continue creating shit so you have no time for hating shit. I wish you all peace, love, and hip-hop.